…to Living In Thailand!  LivingInThailand.org has been designed to help and inspire others to live in Thailand and enjoy an amazing place with a low cost of living, incredible food, friendly people, a long history, Buddhist culture, and great weather.  Currently, Chiang Mai, the largest and most culturally significant city in northern Thailand, is featured on the site.


LivingInThailand.org will eventually give you information on the following to truly live  the dream:

Table of Contents:

Introduction – Having the desire for more in life…making a change to hit the big, red reset button.


  1. Pre-Travel Preparation – Timeline, Passport, Packing List, Leaving your country and setting up auto-pilot for your life
  2. Money (Investments, Job, Leveraging Your Home)
  3. Job (Teaching, Other)
  4. Airfare (Promotional Mileage Offers)
  5. Visas (Tourist, Educational, Retirement, Spousal)
  6. Fun (Daytime, Nighttime, Tours, Treks)
  7. Cities & Regions (Southern Islands, BKK, Northern, Central, Eastern)
  8. Finding Love
  9. Accommodations (Apartments/Condos, Guest Houses, Houses, Hotels) (Buying Vs. Renting)
  10. Best Thai Food and Other Cuisines
  11. Entertainment (Music, Etc.)
  12. Fitness (Exercise Parks, Universities, Clubs-commercial and social)
  13. Transportation – Car, Motorcycle (Buying Vs. Renting)  Public (Taxis-car or motorcycle, Baht Buses, Tuk Tuks (Driving Licenses)
  14. Tele-Communication – International & Domestic
  15. Communities (Expat and Local, Online (Thaivisa, Couchsurfing.com, etc.)
  16. Storing your Money (Banks Vs. Under The Mattress) (International Wires, Transfers)
  17. Learning Thai Language (online, classes, books, friends)
  18. Healthcare and Hospitals (Public Vs. Private)
  19. Dental Care
  20. Safety & Security (Theft from low economic conditions)
  21. Traveling to Other Countries from Thailand (Bus, Train, Low-Cost Airlines – AirAsia.com)



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