CM Outdoor Swimming & Lakes

Huay Tung Taow Lake, just north of the city (about 15 minutes) off of the Canal Road. Entrance fee: 10 Baht.


Mae Ngat Lake & Dam is a great place to chill out, swim, eat at one of the little restaurants lining one area, or even stay overnight on a house boat. Swimming is okay, but the water is not too clear.  It takes about an hour by car to get there.


The Rock Quarry, Hangdong

Located about 15 KM south of Chiang Mai from Suthep Road and Canal road (Hwy 121), this non-touristic place is known by locals as stunning and picturesque with 2-15 meter cliff jumps and very clean, warm, emerald green or blue swimming water.

1. From Suthep Rd. in Chiang Mai, head south on Canal Rd. (Hwy 121) for 13.9 KM (about 10 minutes past Hang Dong and 1 KM past the Hangdong Golf Course sign.)

2. Turn Right (west) on a small bridge for 1 KM (just after the gas station.) Follow the road and be sure to take the left fork.

3. Then, make two quick lefts after 70 meters each.,98.892344 (Bird’s Eye View Video)

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